Penny Hill Site Near Holbeach

IMG_0648IMG_0733IMG_0652IMG_0649IMG_0653IMG_0709De-Water Penny Hill Sewer Run, Holbeach

Start Date: 26th January 2015

I had a look at this job in Holbeach before we started, as another contractor was putting in a concrete manhole for the Football Pavilion. We needed to connect to this manhole, and take the 6″ clay pipe another 115 metres to an existing Angian Water manhole, including 5 more concrete manholes.

When visiting the site,  it was clear that we had a ground water problem, running silt (when wet it can act like quick sand) and the ground workers were struggling to put the concrete ring in.

The depth at this point was only about 4′ deep (1.2m). This was the shallow end, the AWA manhole was 10’8″ (3.2 metres) deep.

I made in my mind up to have de-watering pumps on site from the begining, I also started at the deepest point.

This was January cold, wet & we had some snow.