Another Culvert – Road Access on to Housing Site

Start of another culvert for road 2 on the Gaul Road March Site.

You would not believe the amount of soil being dug out, we are 3 metres deep against the road edge.  By the way if you are carrying out this kind of work it would be wise to employ a structural engineer.

After the inspection of the dig he will issue a “permit to work”

First photo shows Alan excavating another 750mm below the slab level.  This will make a total depth from road level to 3.750m.

Saturday 13th February 2016 shutter is being put up, at the same time the steel fixing can be completed.

Concrete Head Walls (Culverts)

Waiting for 2 extra cu.m to finish base
Back side of the shuttering


The face side of the head wall
Cleaning under the steel
Clean soil off the steel bars, prior to concreting
Day one, clean out
Excavate the first head wall
Day 2 after the rain
Lifting the cage into place, and putting 50mm spacer under the bars

New contract started 9th December 2015:

3 vehicle accesses on to a new housing estate.  Because vehicles have to cross a dyke there needs to have a culvert built, this is 2 head walls either side of the new access, built with concrete and reinforcement bars.

Day 1 after Highway approval, (as this is part of a S278) set up site as the norm

Day 2 As we are in a dyke, we have a water problem, best solution is when excavating, use the material to dam up the dyke. Pump the rest out.

Day 3 Road Entrance 1, Base of the first Head wall 6m x 3m (it is 2.4m below road level) knock some pegs in the soil base and concrete with lean mix, concrete about 50mm thick. This will be for the steel fixers to work on.

Day 4 Put together the steel bars, using plan and bar schedule. Fairly easy to read, example H16/02/39/3760 this is 16mm bar / 02 on plan / 39 bar / 3.760 lengths. Read with plan.

End of week 1

Day 5 After fixing steel, clean off the muck on concrete base in the dyke – lift into place – sit the steel on spacer 50 – 60mm

Day 6 complete steel fixing & get checked off by site manager & Highways

Day 7 Pour concrete

Day 8, 9, & 10 put together the steel for the other side & excavate base

Day 11 Monday 21st December 2015 Fix Concrete Pipe 600mm diamter inside steel bars & Shutter

Day 12 Concrete Headwall