Small 5 Metre Bridge Over a Dyke


Customer in Long Sutton has had enough of replacing timber on her bridge.

We were invited to see what we could do to help.  On investigating the bridge, two of the RSJs had totally rotted through.

Day 1: Break out old existing Steel RSJ (leaving just 2 and hand rail for access to house)

Day 2: Supply & fix twice as many concrete beams to replace the RSJ, lay the recommended blocks between the beams.

Day 3: Take out the temporary walk way & complete the block and beams

Day 4: Concrete the whole area with RC35 + a layer of A142 steel mesh forming a camber in the middle of the bridge

Day 5: Brick work to both sides of the bridge, allowing for drainage pipe (1″ diameter) to take away surface water this work to be carried out by customer’s own bricklayers.

Complete bridge when bricklayers are finished, with 10mm dense bitumen or 10mm medium textured (I prefer) wearing course 125 pen.