Fleet Hargate Foul Water Sewer Connection

Connection for two new properties

This sewer connection is for a 4″ clay pipe on the opposite side of the Old Fleet Road outside Acacia House.

The depth of connection is 1.5 metres deep, this kind of connection is a “T” junction 6″x6″x4″ clay, as you can only put clay sewer pipes under the road.

Day 1:

Road Closed at 9am after buses have passed for school,  We then marked out the road & cut with a road saw. Next thing to do was excavate, to find the Anglian Water main sewer pipe, should be 1.4 to 1.5m deep, using a CAT at all times (cable avoidance tool)

Day 2:

After yesterday we have about 3 clay pipes remaining to lay, (5 metres). Job completed at 4pm today, went well.